Quick update.

1 June 2018

Just a quick update on how the game is going...

It's been a pretty solid few months, and most of the stuff we wanted to get finished before we could release the game is now either done or nearly done.

There's just a few more tweaks and a bunch of final testing and polishing to go.

The game now has a less placeholder name and the UI has received a refresh throughout.

I've renamed the game on Steam too, so look for it under Clatter in your library.

This is something we really needed to add, to help newer players get up to speed on the game's basics.

It's played as a regular interactive match, but you're playing against a coach who talks you through how to play.

It ended up taking ages to make, but the feedback was really good - so it was definitely worth it.

We wanted to add a more substantial single player game mode, something more in-depth you could play through at your own leisure.

Career mode is our attempt at that. You're the player-manager of a new, crappy, bottom-league team with a small budget.

Buy better units, upgrade them, manage your roster, beat other teams, earn cash and try to move from the bottom of the bronze league to the top of the gold league.

There's some extra elements that aren't found in the regular multiplayer mode. Units can be equipped with "mods" that boost individual stats, cash tokens spawn on the board to be collected, etc.

We've made some improvements to the Practice mode too.

You can now select the map and gamemode you want to play, and the AI difficulty is now adjustable.

There's a few more little things we want to add still, like making it possible to quickly jump back and forth between playing a map and editing your squad for it.

To go with the new single player mode and practice mode improvements, the AI has received some more love.

There's now a bunch of ways to control how it behaves (internally), and a ton of bug fixes and imrpovements to the way it calculates the best actions to take.

The way AI squads get created per-match has been improved, as part of introducing "personality" styles to the AI such as agressive, defensive, risk taker, etc. (still WIP)

Combat has been cleaned up, standardised and made easier to read.

The amount of UI shown when hovering attack targets has been reduced to be more readable, but now also appears for every target that will be hit by an attack. This makes it much easier to understand how attacks work and exactly what will happen when you launch the attack.

We're also working on some new targetting/trajectory highlighters to show how attacks travel.

There's some remaining bugs that were highlighted in the most recent playtest to get fixed, some more audio & music to go in and a bit more general polish to be done. There's also a few things to finish up on Career mode, but nothing major there at this point.

After that, I'm planning to do another internal playtest and get everyone to play the game as "finished" - being super critical, as if they'd just spent their own money to buy the game. Generally in playtests we dismiss a lot of little issues/bugs as the games are still in development, but I want to get any of that stuff ironed out at this point.

By that point we should then be ready to start thinking about release plans. Hopefully :)

There's going to be a final batch of keys going out, so go and signup if you're interested :)

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