274 Commits by 5 Authors. 2,733 files added, 108 deleted, 45 moved.
15 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
removed GhostCube from all units, increased highlighter DepthBias to 10.
12 October 2018
Thai Leo
tweaked avatar post exposure post process fixed back button not doing anything in the map editor
tweaked reflection probe distance/layer culling
fix temple A light exclusion layer
fix menu bar raycasting sorting order
update main menu ui
tweaked avatar camera frame to avoir the beard clipping
update menu ui
Adam Woolridge
Match intro now actually shows the real map name
added game option to toggle unit class icons showing with unit health bars, defaults to off.
correctly set unit selection filter during turn 5e of tutorial until you can select the mortar
built customisation DB for new items
added game icon
custom GameAnalytics events
added and setup GameAnalytics, removed FP Analytics.
reset the current state when launching a career match in career mode to fix event registration order.
fix for customisation editor unit colour
Rohan Singh
Remove test code
Disable crowd waves when streak is too low, reduce number of crowd members interacting
Fixed some issues with crowds when not 100% full
Don't delete the customisation slots and make sure all of them are included
Remove customizations that the player doesn't have when setting up the match
Fix exception when closing the game
Add a message that gets sent to clients when rate limited, and broadcast command shows popup message
Play online button switches back to default state if the server doesn't send JoinedMatchmaking within 3 seconds (fixes weirdness when rate limited)
Ignore auth/match info/ready messages when they have already been sent
Ignore all messages but auth when the client isn't logged in
Add rate limiting logic to the msg handlers
Matt Isaac
added thick rimmed glasses, stunner shades and fake nose accessories
11 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
merge to main
merge from main/cust3
customisation material fix/cust3
put the jiggle back/cust3
fix infinite loop/cust3
started refactoring customisation UI/cust3
Ball launcher. Crappy temp rotation code.
streamer test/streamers
crowd jump for longer during match intro
arena confetti
quick trophy mockup test
merged customisation refactor wip to main
Customisation fixes. Got sidetracked and added arena confetti./cust
same for arena/cust
finished refactoring out ProtoBuf.AvatarCustomisation and uses. updated tutorial avatar setup now uses new customisation group stuff./cust
finished removing ProtoBuf.UnitCustomisation and uses./cust
customisation group verification/cust
Thai Leo
update main menu ui
Rohan Singh
Fix the online buttons being disabled when the connection was made somewhere other than the menu
Only update the map rotation countdown when it changes
Matt Isaac
change arena_confetti lifetime from 8 to 10 seconds
bit of a WIP confetti_streamer prefab for arena effects
tweaked arena_confetti prefab to have less radial and sideways momentum and should time a bit better
10 October 2018
Rohan Singh
Implement daily challenge countdown
Practice AI difficulty level saves to disk
Add unmute date to proto so it actually saves
Fix cancelling auth ticket before server can verify, disable using auth tickets for bot connections
Fix connection events not triggering when manually closing the connection
Fix not being able to connect again
Adam Woolridge
merge from main/cust
merge from main/cust
removed unused function, getting latest/cust
serialisation, swapped over protobuf profile to new one./cust
refactored more stuff out of CustomisationProfile./cust
more wip refactoring/cust
pulled customisation protobuf stuff out of unit.prot and into new customisation.proto. started refactoring customisation system./cust
removed unused customisation protobufs/cust
wip fixes/cust
customisation editor fixes
Fixed confetti trophy, effect pivot needs tweaking I think.
Alex Webster
grabber changed back to generic rig
Celeb Anims, some idle updates, added celebs to controllers, source files
Thai Leo
update WIP menu UI
9 October 2018
Rohan Singh
Don't use Time.time for auto muting to avoid possible issues with float precision
Show a different message if players can't connect because the server is full
Handle some more raknet packets so we know if the connection failed
Add ConnectionState component to boot prefab
ConnectionState component has UnityEvents for changes in connection state, and controls reconnecting
Performance class is server only
Disable theme event schedule on client, the server will control that
Added retry logic and debug logs to steam avatar loader
Adam Woolridge
simplified item/mission validation
Server validates player records (customisation items/missions) on login, removing any deleted items/missions and ensuring they have the default item set. Removed hardcoded item default values, now taked from the customisation DB, item definitions can be marked as default.
merged fix branch to main
disabled menu object/hashfix
mege from main/hashfix
customisation fixes/hashfix
Customisation editor mortar unit fix/hashfix
Set coach name to Coach in tutorial. Removed indent from match chat messages./hashfix
tutorial fixes/hashfix
remade tutorial squad. added CustomisationDefines and TutorialDefines. Fixed default customisation item values./hashfix
dm4 squad/hashfix
recreated default squads/hashfix
version++, squads++, customisation++/hashfix
Updated tools to use new hash function based on the one from sandbox. Rebuilt definition databases: Customisation Emotes Maps Match Missions Units/hashfix
hashfix wip/hashfix
Thai Leo
missing mat
8 October 2018
Thai Leo
adding avatar accessories enabled blinking cp disabled scale on hover on mission panel
add tile fall warning shader/update material tweak camera clip plane
tweak post process adjust reflection prob distance
fixed skies scale
switched camera to deferred
Adam Woolridge
added video option to disable decals + debris
Don't show mission panel on login. Turn banner anim event I missed in previous commit.
player turn banner is now also fast forwarded if fast forwarding
Massively reduced the volume of move/attack tile and button hovering audio as a placeholder fix until new audio from Alex.
Hide mission panel X. Show player's steam name during practice/daily challenge matches if available, otherwise default back to PLAYER
steam/offline fixes
Tile top materials now batch and don't change. Added temp tilefall replacement highlight.
more wip tile mesh combining tests/tiles2
merging in tile stuff so far
bit of cleanup/tiles
wip reworking some tilefall stuff/tiles
Fix for kill feed NRE with deaths to tilefall without any damage being done previously in the match./tiles
Rohan Singh
Muting saves to the database so you can't reconnect to avoid it
Fix bans not saving to the database
Remove some redundant database querying
Crowd members interact ("talk") with their seat neighbours
7 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
Disabled shadow casting for bottom level tile tops. Delete tile sides after mesh combining./tiles
merge from main/tiles
wip tests/tiles
set scripting runtime version to .net 4x
merge from client changes branch
mege from main/clientbot/broken
moved ArenaView setup from GIViewer to PlayerAreasView, where it should be done./clientbot/broken
merge from main/clientbot/broken
bunch of cleanup/refactor pt1/clientbot/broken
merge from main/clientbot/broken
bunch of crowd fixes.
bit of refactor
Fixed crowd not working on 2nd match (new bug)
Doubled the resolution of the jump curve cache, moved cache to CrowdRow instead of each CrowdMember.
Thai Leo
adding glow turn layer to main cam tweak kit colors
removing duplicate avatar from the scene
update avatar post process and render layer
updated tile falling debris FX
Rohan Singh
More specific index for the daily challenge scores table, save some sql I wrote to test it out
Workaround for dropdown options bug
Skip the match intro sequence if the player immediately surrenders
Don't show the XP UI after matches if no XP was awarded
Fix the side bar text saying video for all tabs
Fix framerate dependent camera rotation speed
Fix click position for emotes and customizations when render scale is used
Crowd will do waves when nothing is going on
6 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
merge from main/clientbot/broken
merge from crowd branch (just spotted a white crowd bug though)
fixed menu button hovering issues caused by the overlapping play button image./crowd
merged from main/crowd
added option to toggle realtime portrait rendering. Always enabled during the fullscreen intro, then turned on/off for the match. bit of crowd member cleanup./crowd
crowd update no longer allocs, moved to fixedupdate./crowd
wip crowd stuff/crowd
Rohan Singh
Few move allocations on hover
Missed a file
Removing allocations from tile hovering
Remove allocations from OutlineEffect
Add potato mode video option
Missed blur controls on TopBars, include EdgeDraw shader
UI blur defaults to enabled
Add an option to disable blurring behind UI (UI Blur Toggler component will remove the image's material when it's off)
Disable dynamic cam
Update post process settings script
Thai Leo
tweak post process and some gloss map to try to reduce flickering
5 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
Added tile dust prefab link to Tile definition files, set all existing tilesets to use my new placeholder effect. Added placeholder dust effect.
more trophy rotation wip
wip nicer trophy rotation (getting latest)
build fix/clientbot/broken
More ai profiling/clientbot/broken
ClientBot ai settings now ignore dangerous tile checks (optim)/clientbot/broken
Alex Webster
added confetti anim event
updated 8ball controller
Updated confetti cannon model rig Added cannon anims
Thai Leo
force update?
more post proces stuff fixed booster ghost volume motion vector settings
more post process V2 stuff
adding outline post FX to post process stack / fixed some error
more WIP post process stack conversion to V2 (should fix the warning spam)
Rohan Singh
Automatically retry database operations/clientbot/broken
Fix ghost players issue, added bot options to send hovers and request the leaderboard/clientbot/broken
Matt Isaac
scaled plunger hat up 125% but then shortened handle significantly, and re-rendered icon
added plunger hat, tweaked school cap default material colours so it works better in tutorial
4 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
AI profiling. Some quick AI optims./clientbot/broken
ClientBotConfig empty constructor/clientbot/broken
GameHost.OnClientCmd now outputs the cmd type that was received for an invalid GI. Added more client bot config options: -CmdIntervalMin/Max -JoinMatchMaking -RejoinMatchMaking -If no steam IDs are specified, will assign each bot a steam id based on Environment.TickCount + i/clientbot/broken
only send tile cursor hover event to server after hovering a tile for 0.5 seconds./clientbot/broken
increased max clients to 10,000/clientbot/broken
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
merge from main/clientbot/broken
added ClientBotConfig, can specify steam IDs to use for bots, bots cycle through the steam IDs when connecting, added client auth overriding for bots./clientbot/broken
merge from main/clientbot/broken
standalone server fix/clientbot/broken
Matt Isaac
reworked school hat and created new materials and icon. fixed missing avatar layer specification on beer_hat and baseball_cap
added some symbols to die on magic 8 ball
Rohan Singh
Replace GI thread with async+channels/clientbot/broken
Fix game instances not being removed if players disconnect before saying they're ready/clientbot/broken
Fix typo that made player records overwrite the other player's record/clientbot/broken
Stricter synchronization for GameInstance.Teams
Thai Leo
WIP converting post process stack to V2 Adding avatar hat, fixed some prefab
3 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
simple bot AI think scheduling/clientbot/broken
bots rejoin matchmaking after a match finishes/clientbot/broken
bot clients save replays/clientbot/broken
rewrote a bunch of stuff so the AI can be used for any team. still more to do.../clientbot/broken
proxy client EM fix/clientbot/broken
less broken/clientbot/broken
wip, broke everything/clientbot/broken
toggle camera rotation and game input with in-game menu visibility.
hide any previous 8ball outcome bubble as soon as you click for a new outcome
Added 8 ball trophy script, added anim event to 8 ball animation to trigger outcome, prefab updated.
split previous commit into IsClatterPacket and HandleRacknetPacket functions, actually./clientbot
Renamed RaknetPacket to ClatterPacket and inverted the outcomes to make more sense, handle un-handled raknet packets by ignoring them./clientbot
removed some debug spam/clientbot
Rohan Singh
Merge from main/optimize
Remove duplicate entries from resolution selection
Fix some rendering issues caused by render scaling
Fix mouse position when using a different render scale
Run render scale in edit mode to avoid magenta screen
Add an option for render scale (I think the sharpen post fx doesn't like this)
Matt Isaac
changed 8_ball anim to face up when triggered, rebuilt anims and rig, tweaked materials
added magic_8_ball trophy with anims and materials etc
2 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
quick temp matchmaking/game creation bot test/clientbot
wip ClientBot class, wrap client connection, bot list is now of type ClientBot not GameClientInternet/clientbot
GameClient now tracks LocalTeam/clientbot
promotion toast shit.../clientbot
match outcome toast events, listeners, blah blah/clientbot
daily challenge toast events, UIGlobalPanel listener/clientbot
added MMFRequestEventArgs. added MMFReceived event. UIGlobalPanel listents for local internet game client MMFReceived event and shows the panel./clientbot
Added MMF declined event, msghandler triggers it, UIGLobalPanel listens to local internet client./clientbot
Tile hover handler now fires event, moved tile highlight trigger to BaseInput event listener./clientbot
moved CommandQueue from GIViewer static to GameClient instances. Client cmds now have a reference to the client executing it./clientbot
moved a few static variables out of GameClient base to member variables of GameClientInternet, updated msg handler refs./clientbot
merge from main/clientbot
clean up proxy class and refs/clientbot
more wip/testing stuff/clientbot
server will only broadcast player connected message to all clients when server population is less than a server define/clientbot
dispose of auth token when we're done with it. basic spreading of client bot updates across frames. bot connect button now creates and connects 500 clients instead of 10/clientbot
increased max server client connections from 1k to 5k/clientbot
more msg handler fixes/clientbot
standalone server fix/clientbot
msg handler fix and connect with delay/clientbot
Rohan Singh
Show correct max player count in webrcon
Add SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity
Removed length value from all network messages, removed some redundant function calls and allocations from net loop
Thai Leo
setup basic interaction stuff on unit trophies prefab
update skybox shader/ cloud texture
1 October 2018
Adam Woolridge
Removed all static events, variables and methods from GameClientInternet and refactored all references so that we can use multiple instances of it going forward. Added a temporary InternetClientProxy static class that redirects everything to a GameClientInternet instance, because everything expects a valid reference at startup./clientbot
added option to unparent instantiated effects, super rough wip trophy rotation (can be enabled per item, defaults to off)
Added InstantiateAnimEvent Addded CustomisationitemView.Preview() Added an editor preview action for CustomisationItemView. Separated confetti cannon particle effects into a prefab. Confetti cannon now creates the effect from an animation event. Set confetti cannon cooldown and enabled delayed destroy on the effect.
board no longer gets serialized to/from protobuf and sent when creating games, gets loaded by the client from the map database instead. It was done this way originally incase we ever wanted to support resuming a game mid-game, but this is no longer a concern./gicreation
Reworked CustomisationItemView to used UnityEvent, hooked up the various game events to the item listeners.
item cooldown defaults to false.
Can now specify an optional cooldown duration for interactable customisation items (Defaults to on and 30 secs)
CustomisationItemView now sends the Clicked message when clicked.
Matt Isaac
sped up trigger anim a bit on confetti_cannon
set up trigger on confetti_cannon to play trigger anim and particle effect
added animation controller and linked up anims for confetti_cannon
created wip confetti_cannon anims to use with the new customisation script
Added confetti_cannon trophy with WIP prefab. Added beer hat and materials. Fixed sushi hat missing materials. Tweaked rotation on most (of my) hats to sit better on avatars. Added VERY wip snow explosion effect